Why do we pay more for gasoline in the summer?

The barrel contains 159 liters of oil, and the refiner can produce about 1.78-2.54 liters of gasoline from 3.8 liters of crude oil. One barrel of oil will also produce approximately 64 liters of other useful by-products such as plastic, propane and ammonia. Currently, 62% of the world’s most widely available crude oil is in […]

The best bitcoin trading platforms

Cryptocurrency has given not only the fastest way to transfer money, but also a new organization with which you can trade and make money other than stocks and other commodities. While you can directly sell and buy bitcoin, you can also use bitcoin exchanges to continue your cryptocurrency trading. There are many exchanges where bitcoin […]

How do commodity options work?

How is the option price determined? First you need to understand the meaning of internal and external. The option premium consists of both of these values. The intrinsic value of an option if you used it before a futures contract and then reimbursed. For example, if you have a soybean call on November 5, and […]

The impact of the US dollar on commodities

Beginners in trade often ask why the US dollar affects the value of many goods in the market. To answer this question, it is important to first understand what a reserve currency is. Reserve currencies are currencies held by central banks and large financial institutions in very large quantities. These currencies are used for major […]

5 Benefits of Cryptocurrency Trading

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, you need to consider whether your chosen market will rise in price up or down. And most interestingly, you never own a digital asset. In fact, trade is done with derivative products such as CFDs. Let’s look at the benefits of cryptocurrency trading. Read on to learn more. Volatility […]

Bitcoin is thriving on the contrary

Since it’s currently in vogue, I’d like to announce that I’m launching my own cryptocurrency next week. Call it “kingcoin”. No, it’s too useful. How about “muttcoin”? I have always had a soft spot for mixed breeds. Yes, it’s perfect – everyone loves dogs. It will be the biggest since the fidget. Congratulations! Everyone who […]

The future of oil prices

I recently read a journalistic bestseller 25 years ago: Friday night lights. The book, which was also filmed in movies and TV series, exemplified the ups and downs of the high school football team in Odessa, Texas, amid low oil prices and the poor economy of West Texas at the time. The book offers a […]